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Product Examples:

Landing Pages:
A landing site or page is a 1-2 page website that that is geared towards turning apathy to interest.

The average sale takes from 10 to 14 impressions. Web pages are scanned in less than 10 seconds by both man and machine. Make an impression. Encourage their impulse. Purchase a 1-2 page powehouse of marketability from Box201 and discover how a web page can be your 24 hour salesperson.

For companies large and small these pages make economic sense and a smart business plan. A simple informational page can be ad-linked, ad-word promoted, tied directly to formmail and paypal links.

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Template 2

Website Development
A 3-5 page templated design. This type of design is suitable for large sites which are primarily informational. Example a local community center or church outreach. Perhaps a school or governmental agency.

At Box201 we have the skills and creativity to build larger sites focusing on your primary purpose. Our one-on-one approach ensures site content and a code structure that matches. Standard formmail sign-ups and newsletter forms are included as well as an easy to use custom rotating ad-links code. Hosting solutions or flash development available upon request.

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See how your vision for the web and our development team can build a "Synergy of Satifaction!"

Full Featured Website
Full Featured Websites
Larger websites requiring store shopping cart, database development custom code and site integration. These type of projects are generally priced according to the size and time. Many options are available with sites of this size.

At Box201.com we use an iterative approach in Full Featured development. Each element is viewed and approved before moving to the next to ensure the whole work is integrated into the website.

Corporations need a website which proudly respresents the company ideals. Small companies can use a full featured site to build a wider market. Extra additions available for a nominal fee.

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Rescue Services

Website Rescue Operations
Every so often established website begin to suffer due to outdated information, pictures which have not been updated. Sometimes a website has perivous history where multiple developers have coded patches and additions.The problem with this can be reduced performance or in the worst case conflicting links which confuse webcrawlers. Thats unfortunately how some sites end up 99th in search engine searches.

Box201 specializes in code re-alignment, css pruning and site uniformity. we can work on live sites remotely or develop and redeploy. We enhance systems and upgrade where possible. Database optimizations, re-indexing or database consolidation. Sometimes simple adjustments can reap huge rewards.

If you've noticed a significant degradation in your site's performance, if you feel the website engine's in need of a tune-up, or if CSS file size is bigger than your database, let our code surgeons optimize your website.

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